Calling all Calls to Action!

How To Call To Action

Calling all Calls to Action!

December 14, 2016
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Well, it’s the holidays and everyone has something to say! Have you noticed the amount of ad clutter vastly increased this past month?

So, how’s your promotion going? Could be better? You don’t say…

Here are a few suggestions to ponder:

  1. Make your call to action personable. You’re talking to P-E-O-P-L-E who would enjoy being spoken to in a friendly manner. Instead of using the CTA: Contact us or Call Now! what if you tried something like “Drop me a line” or just “Talk to us.”
  2. Give it to them straight. What are you offering? What is it and how it is useful to the customer? Describe that “it” quickly. Bullet points come in handy here. And then follow up with your awesome CTA button.
  3. Be Creative. Can they build or create it online? In that case, say “Build My ____” or “Create My ____.” Are they downloading money saving tips from you? You could say, “Show Me The Money!” or “Let’s Do It!”
  4. If you’re not having fun, the customer isn’t either. You may not be selling or offering something “fun” in your opinion, but there MUST be some fun way to think about it. There MUST be some angle you’re not seeing that would be successful.

If you absolutely cannot find anything fun or creative about what you’re offering, ask for help! There are a lot of creative minds out there ready and willing to be of service.

I’ll take a stab at it, if you’d like! Let’s give ’em something to talk about!

Thanks all! And, Happy Holidays!