Social Media Monitoring for Business

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Social Media Monitoring for Business

June 4, 2018
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Many people that contact me for social media services are looking to sell a product or service online. Which is great! That is, after all, how people today find products or services to buy; but one thing to note is that it takes time.

I wanted to title this article “Social Media Stalking” because that’s kind of what you have to do to gather information about the people you are trying to sell to. It sounds creepy… and maybe it is? But in my experience, you need to do your research and find real leads so that you can understand how to talk to these people. Many folks just want to put something out there and cross their fingers people click through to buy. If only it were that simple.

You need to find people in your area, who are engaging in activities related to your brand and communicate with them. (AKA social media stalking.) It’s important to create connections with potential customers, even if they do not become customers right away. This is all about building relationships.

A large number of clients’ have asked me to unfollow people after a certain period of time that they do not follow their company back. Instead, I suggest continuing to interact with these people’s posts. Like and genuinely comment on their posts in the hopes that they will follow you back… one day. Think long-term relationships. Make them feel like you’re paying attention to them. You’re listening and you are here.

Make sure that you respond to comments in a timely fashion as well. This reinforces the fact that you are listening. Negative comments need to be handled in a positive and friendly manner. Remember that the customer is always right (even if they’re not, right?)

Being humble goes a long way.

Key takeaways are:

  1. Social media stalking takes time
  2. Listen and respond to people in a timely manner
  3. Build relationships that last

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