SMARKETING. Let's Discuss

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SMARKETING. Let’s Discuss

December 4, 2015
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So, if you’re a pun person like me, you may think that “Smarketing” stands for Smart Marketing… I sure did, (and we’re not wrong by any means.) However, the word “smarketing,” according to HubSpot, actually combines two major parts of a company, sales and marketing, into one super smart goal-oriented team.

I recently learned this when I decided to take HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Certification Course, just for fun. (#NeverStopLearning, right?)

Although combining sales and marketing sounds like common sense, many companies start out on the right foot and then somewhere down the road get off track. Sound familiar?

SMARKETING Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Both sales and marketing should be working toward the same goals (TEAM REVENUE!!)
  • The marketing pipeline should be tied to sales quo.
  • Both should have a clear view into each other’s dashboard (or reporting.)
  • Compensation should be based on shared marketing & sales goals.
  • There needs to be continual communication & education on buyer personas. (Keeping the smarketing team on the same page when it comes to their prospects/leads/customers)

If this information interests you, please feel free to watch the video on the subject here:

It goes into a lot more detail, and is a great refresher on integrating sales and marketing to maximize your bottom line.

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